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Monday, August 15, 2016 —

... to the old-school style kind of blogging!

I checked my posts this 2016 and got surprised to see that I've only blogged 24 times this year. That's only 3 times a month since January. So disappointed with myself. Plus, all the stuff I wrote were for brands and not for personal documentation :( If you've been reading my past blogs, you'd know I've become so lazy when it comes to blogging. I somehow blame my shows and books because whenever I have free time, I'd rather watch or read. OH... or SLEEP. 

But earlier today I had a talk with a friend who told me straight up to stop being lazy. Haha. I don't have that fuel / drive to do things but all I know is that I have to stop this sloth from eating me alive.

So I'm going to start sharing more personal stuff here in my blog. Well, not too personal. Like what Margaret Zhang said in her L'Officiel talk, you can be personable yet private. I remembered one time I wrote about my "pseudo break-up" (not a real one because we weren't officially together haha) and my folks got mad at me for being so dramatic. LOL. Had to delete that blog entry!

But yes! Going back to how I used to blog. Expect a lot of photodiaries and kwento :)

Preview ball last month with my forever date, Jas! Last year we wore matching suits (I wore white, she wore black). This year's theme was Geek Chic so we went as odd-looking dorks.

Because we had no decent photos last year, this time we decided to do a mini shoot before we went to the ball! HAHA

How we really are. Strange and extremely clingy to each other! HAHA

With the whole JCS team! Jas had a presscon for Imagine You and Me in Novotel hotel Cubao so we had a room where we hungout while waiting for her to finish work.

Finally in the Preview ball!

Sadly I had no photos because "tinopak ako" HAHAHAHA! if you know me well I have violent moodswings (I'm trying to fix it don't worry!) so that night, I think my social skills went down to zero so I didn't want to talk to anyone. I met up with my college friends and told them I wanted to leave na after 30 mins inside Whitespace. HAHA. So glad they supported my decision! :)) They accompanied me to Greenbelt where I met my highschool barkada. I got hungry so my barkada brought me to Yellow Cab Fort at 2 in the morning! That night I realized how lucky I am to have friends who accept my weirdness and moodswings :)) I am so spoiled. Lol

With my friends who can handle my moodswings, AJ and Joa! :P

Got home around 3am. My makeup was still on point so I had to take selfies (I rarely do this) using Snapchat (no more account there though, I deleted it weeks ago lol). Thank you John Pagaduan of Shu Uemura for my make-up and Avril Seguin for my hair :D

Another fun moment that happened last month: MEETING AIMEE SONG of SongOfStyle! Ahhhh! Dream come true because she's one of my fave international bloggers. SM Makati got her as an endorser. Luckily, SM Parisian was kind enough to set-up a bloggers' meet and greet with Aimee! *insert hearts and exclamation points here* :P

Kelly, Vina, David and I were so excited to meet her! Shempre laughtrip with these guys hahaha mukha kaming demure dito but swear when we're all together... KAGULO!

"Picture ulet kami ni Aimee cos hindi mashado instagrammable yun photo namin kanina" - Vina. HAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS GIRL! :))

This moment? One for the books. Haba ng kwento ko about this. So it was my birthday and I'm really not the kind of person who celebrates. I don't even like announcing na it's my birthday. I want to know if my friends remember it without facebook (or other social media accounts) reminding them. One big anyway, since I didn't plan any dinner thing, I just went to Ebe's gig in Conspiracy with my hs kabarkada. He asked if meron may birthday so my friend pointed me of course. HAHA. Then I don't know how it happened but Ebe invited me to sing with him. We were supposed to sing Makita Kang Muli but I told him I wanted to sing Burnout. =)) He agreed. 

I'm really SUPER DOOPER shy because I have stage fright but I decided to sing anyway. I like singing so it was a golden moment for me! Ebe was nice enough to guide me during the whole thing. Forgot some lines because I was too nervous haha but I think I did... okay =))

I really like going to gigs like this. Intimate and sobrang respectful ng crowd. :) 

Another gig! Yes I like going to gigs. Haha. I hate going to clubs/bars but I like going to gigs to watch my fave bands/musicians. This one is at 12 monkeys. Someone proposed nun night na to btw after Ebe sang Bawat Daan.

"Ikaw ang dulo, gitna at simula. Nahanap din kita..."

The song is perfect. Nagwala yun crowd during the proposal. May forever, tiwala lang. HAHA.

Pretending to be sober. Haha!

And another gig. Wow, every week? HAHAHA. This one is at Historia in QC.

Hello again Ebe! =))

My bestfriend Iks wants to get Ebe for her wedding that's why we went to this gig so they could talk about it. Haha. Bakit ba ako nageexplain. Lol.

Ok enough gigs :P Maya ulet. Work time! Went to MAC Vibe Tribe launch in Robinsons Magnolia.

Love this collection because mostly neutral colors meaning wearable meaning MY KIND OF MAKE-UP! :P

Ana trying on the lipstick from the collection. I think the shade is called Hot Chocolate.

With Nicole :)

"Pwede ba ako sumakay dito sa bike and magpicture?" Hahaha the MAC team allowed me! Yay!

With Sam (aka my giant friend hihihi) :) She's the PR of MAC. So proud of this girl! I've known her since college and I'm so glad she's doing what she really loves :D PS she's a nurse din! Galing noh? Beauty and brains!

The lighting inside the MAC store is PERFECT for mirror selfies. Hahaha so here's me being vain lol

Meet my highschool friends Lou and Taps. Dinner at Mama Lou's in UP town center. Sobrang clingy namin actually. We see each other twice or thrice a week. Hahaha. 

RAK OF AEGIS with Lou, Kix, Mariel and Taps! 

FINALLY, NAPANOOD KO NA!!!! I was so happy. Galing galing sobra. Made me miss theatre. I don't know why I didn't pursue this passion (nag musical theatre ako dati). Who knows guys baka balang araw... HAHA. 

Second dinner at Nihon Tomas Morato! Ayaw pa namin umuwi kahit Sunday night yun so we had japanese food at 1 in the morning. WHAT IS CLINGY... and gutom =))

My cuzzie Steph is back from NY! Finally got to hang with this girl. Sobrang funny ng night na to. We met up in Shang then we went to Rockwell to buy something and have dinner din sana. But while we were thinking where to eat, sabay kami nagcrave ng thai food. =)) So we had to go to Greenbelt to satisfy our cravings! Feast kami sa Peoples Palace! We ate so much I swear! After we went to Las Flores and met up with her barkada. ATE mode ako guys. Went home early cos hindi ko na kaya yun ginagawa nila na inom. Lol! 

Had several hangouts with my kabarkadas who work for Pancake House and Jamba Juice so we'd always eat at PH and have drinks at JJ! Shempre ako yun gumagawa ng drink ko sa Jamba Juice. You guys can actually do it too. Open siya for everyone just tell the cashier you want to create your own drink. :)

Another gig! HAHAHAHAHA. This one is at Route 196. 

With Ebe, Nicole, Bullet and Janine! :D Saya ng gabing to. HAHAHA. We were all supposed to go home early but we ended up leaving Route at 3am. Hihi

Si Ebe lang yun napanood sa dami ng bands na nagplay since we ended up staying outside tas usap usap. Di namin namalayan oras, natapos na lahat ng banda and magsasara na yun Route! Gotta love moments like this :P

Day after that gig at Route was the 3D (Danao, Dancel, Dumas) concert in Music Museum. Hello Bullet, Johnoy and Ebe. Grabe tong tatlong to. Yun musika nila nakakaantig, nakakabaliw. Nanghina ako after nun concert sa sobrang lungkot dahil sa mga kanta nila. Ouch. HAHA

May mga times na muntik na ko maiyak but in my head I was like "keep it together". Super love Johnoy's song "Right Time". If di niyo alam yung song search it on Youtube. Wedding song ko yan for sure. HAHAHA

Galing ni Ebe as usual. Tagos sa puso yun buong set. Sinabayan pa yun mga kanta nya ng strings. Dami umiyak while he was singing. Whew.

This photo sums up my life now. A bit dark but thank God for my "stars". I'm blessed with people who love me dearly and who would do anything to make me happy. This year I realized that I'm so lucky to have my family and friends. In this seemingly dark world they are my light, my guide.


Anyway, goodnight for now. 5am na pala. Will proofread tomorrow because I'm sure there are a lot of errors. Grammar Nazis, please be gentle.

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