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Tuesday, August 16, 2016 —

Welcome to the cool side, dorks.

I rarely go to events anymore. When I started blogging, I used to accommodate all emails I receive. The reason why I choose the events I go to now is because I think I've become more antisocial. I get so drained whenever I go out plus the traffic is just insane. If I had unlimited funds for gas for our car + parking, why not. Please don't label me as a snob, it's just that when you grow older, you really have to budget everything... even time. I mean, I'm just being practical. 

One of the few events I attended last month was the Sunnies Specs launch. Went to Rhea's house (she's practically my neighbor) and we got ready together with Ave. As usual, Rhea did my makeup. :P Ave brought a car so we rode with her going to the party!

So many instagrammable spots! As usual we took a million shots before we checked out the other areas.

My beautiful date that night, Rhea :) Love this girl to bits. Fun fact: I've known her for years but we only got closer when we became workmates in this digital ad agency :) And we're (kind of) neighbors! Well we live really, really near each other! Haha. Wala lang guys. I just wanted to share those. Haha!

Choosing specs! Lots of styles and colors but guess what I chose... :P

Clear ones of course! HAHAHA! Minimalist eyeglasses for the win!

Maaaan, I really hate my lazy eyes. I don't have folds (blaming my Chinese heritage) and they're not even. Wahaha. How to fix this?! 

OOTD! Thank you H&M for my dress and as usual, wearing Zara heels. :)

Shutter happy because every corner is just WOW. I don't even know how to properly describe it. Cute? Adorable? Instagrammable? Pinterest-y? Haha

Abusing the ring light (perfect spot for portraits)

With these hotties, Kat and Rhea. 

Sunnies... squad? Haha! Hello Will, Cha, Vina, David, Rhea and Kat!

This is candid, I swear. Well ish. :P This photo describes our friendship. Chatting like there's no tomorrow!

Make sure you guys check out these girls' instagram accounts! The young creatives: Ida, Vina, Raiza, Rhea, Ave and Louise.

With Camie!!!! :) Random kwento, I tried uberpool for the first time last week and guess what? She became my carpoolmate! Ang galing! :p

I didn't know I had this in my camera! I'm sure it was Dave taking random shots! :P Wahaha!

SUPER DOOPER love their style! @lizdumdum & @andiej_

This gorgeous girl gave me kisses, hugs and churros. What more can you ask for?? :)) Missed you Janina!

Rhea (and Vina) invaded the pingpong table. Competitive nila hahaha

While the others (including me) invaded the snack area. We decided to stay here the whole night! HAHA

We look like twelve year old kids here. HAHA

Guys pakispot how Louise is sitting. Haha. We pretended it was our house / living room eh =))

Couple number 1! Vina and Dave

Verniece and Vern!!! Kagulo namin 3 that night. So many hugot lines (Well me and Verniece) tapos si Vern kinokontra kami. HAHAHA

The... oldies?? HAHAHA. Just kidding guys! Verniece, Prits, Lau, Miggy, Vern, Sean and Dave

Couple number 2 :p Lau and Miggy! 

Will (Dasovich) trying to make my camera work! Guys check out his vlog (sobrang saya panoorin!)

After 1 million attempts, my cam finally worked! Thanks Will for taking this group shot before we all headed home :)

Visit Sunnies Specs stores in Megamall, Glorietta, UP town center, Trinoma and SM Cebu.

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