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Sunday, September 18, 2016 —

it's already September!!!!! START OF BER MONTHS! What?! Time flies.

So inspired to do photodiaries like this because it's like my online diary. I'm so forgetful so this helps me remember what I did during the day, who I was with, what I ate (lol) :P

First of September was spent watching TRAIN TO BUSAN with Lissa! Loved the film so much to the point I watched it TWICE. Hahahahaha! Met up with Maui after. Dinner at Madmarks Central Highstreet and dessert at Passion (in front of Fort Strip).

Love this place! Been here twice (laging puno) and their food never fails :D Especially their desserts! :)

Watched Ted's gig (Conscious and the Goodness) at Unit 27 after. 1 drink tapos uwi na. HAHA lola vibes~!

Next day was my way overdue spa date with Kim! We went to Bhaan Khun Thai in Tomas Morato. It's located in 306F Tomas Morato Cor Scout Madrinan. We both got the anti-stress royal massage (hot pads, aroma hot oil, thai herbal ball). The massage lasted for 2 hours (P800). SOBRANG SARAP. I fell asleep (i tried to fight it cos I don't like falling asleep kapag massage cos I wanna feel it) =)) 

I feel so refreshed after! Tamad ootd: sweater from Zara, cullotes from Bonny Apparel, slipons from Charles and Keith

Fresh fridays ang peg. lol

Ate at Pancake House after with Louise and her officemates! Saya! :)) Feeling Pancake House/Dencios employee ako that day. Hehehe. Nakimeeting din! Taps arrived around 9pm then we transferred to rue bourbon. We watched Taps drink her bigass caramel beer. HAHA na parang hindi nauubos!

Went to Jazzy's to help her pack for Italy! Haha quick chikahan with the bff :)

Matching Zara trench cardigans + adidas boosts! :)

Went to CCF after for sunday worship then Eastwood! Had dinner with my other bestfriend (gradeschool), Linny! Kimchi rice + mango crepe cake. YASSS.

FINALLY found a football team! Played at Sparta and man... I AM SO RUSTY. Hahaha. Need to train more!

Ate at Kapitolyo Gastropark after with my "teammates" hihihi saya! 

Some stuff I saw in Typo (YODA BEST... aww) :") The zombie brain food reminds me of Train to Busan! Hahaha! Watched it again with Yael, Ted, Saul and Haze. IT WAS STILL SO GOOD! Naexcite padin ako panoorin :)) 

I whaley love you :-) Cute!!!

Finally found a place in Fort where I can study... my friend's condo!!! HAHAHA! He has fast internet  (I need it for my online class) plus I get to raid his fridge (yay free food). Ayos. LOL.

MEET SCOOBY!!! he looks like the emoji. SO ADORABLE!

Met up with Maui. Dinner at Birdhouse Uptown Mall :) Hay nakooooo. Takaw ko! Haha. Then we just chilled in Starbucks after. Tita bonding lol 

Braved the friday traffic for MAC It's A Strike launch!

Loving the fall collection! Vampire red lippy... LOVE! 

Oh, my map iPhone case is from Paragon Pieces. Which reminds me I need to get away from the draining city real soon! /sigh

OOTD! Jacket from Editor's Market, turtleneck top from Cotton On, jeans from Topshop, boots from Zara

Photoshoot with Vina and Chin! HAHAHA

With the varsity jackets this time. HAHAHA F NA F namin! :))

Vina, Chin, Cha and Ida!

With the bagets bloggers! :p

Went to GH after for journal day! :) Stayed at Las Paellas in Promenade with the "Hobonichi" club. :p

Lovely mess :D

Thank you Anagon for my anxiety stickers! :")

After 2 hours of kwentuhan and journal-making... :) :)

Dinner at Dohtonbori with Sissy Nikola, Mama Sarah, Ava, Pax, Tin and Ana!

Okonomiyaki plus meat strips. YES PLS. Naka 2 cups of rice ako. Kaloka. Haha!

Dessert at Carousel Creamery with Tin and Pax before heading home. :)

Fitting with these girls! For Iksters' wedding :O 

Ate at Bondi and Bourke! Nothing spectacular. Overpriced food. Ack :/

Went to Greenbelt after to kill time. Iks and I saw these wedding gowns at Francis Libiran's boutique. Iks was like "wear my ring, pretend youre a bride and fit the gown!" GANDA RIGHT. Whew! *sings Someday My Prince Will Come* hahahaha

Dinner with Cheska's family at Sakura!! Ang saya namin cos we kept bullying Linny hahaha!!! :)) Del Rosario nadin ako :P Thanks mum and dad for the libre! LOL! :D

Saturday night out with my faves! At this super cool bar in Poblacion: ALAMAT.

Guys ok, quick explanation lang. I rarely drink because I hate the taste of alcohol (except for Amaretto sour siguro). Can i just say, ALAMAT has the BEST cocktails (we had kalamansi and santol cocktails). SOBRANG SARAP kasi parang juice lang. Tapos bigla kaming tinamaan! Haha!

Ches and Lin! :)

Love these girls so much. HAYYYY. Travel again soon please.

Thanks Ches for this! HAY. Sweetness is my weakness!

MAILTIME!! Thank you Piattos for sending me these! Pangkabuhayan showcase levels! Check out their facebook page cos my contest sila now :) You can win a go pro + trips! Goodluck guys!

Mondate with the bestfriendsis! Kara is my theater bestfriend naman :) People ask me why I have a lot of bestfriends. Well, every stage sa life ko (gradeschool, highschool, college, theater, adulthood) meron :)) 

After getting sick for almost a week, my dad finally allowed me to go out! Tea time with Mico and Nico then movie with Kara. We watched Barcelona. Made me wanna go there! Eurotrip please, Lord! Went to Jazzy's after cos she finally arrived from Italy! Woohoooo :D

HIGHLIGHT OF WEEK: Date with my besty from the US!!!! Joven is my highschool bestfriend :) We had dinner in Yabu U.P town katipunan! Shempre naka dalawang bowls of rice na naman ako. Oops. Haha

dessert at Papermoon! Mango + original crepe cakes.

Hope this girl doesn't get sick of me! She's going to be here for 3 weeks and I'm going to be crazy clingy. Hehehehe.

OOTD! denim trench jacket from Editor Market, top and jeans from Zara, shoes from Adidas

Ebe's gig at Conspiracy Bar :)

That's all folks! Praying for a more fruitful and happy second half (of September). :)

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