Ghost month

Thursday, September 1, 2016 —

Hmm... Ghost month. Do you believe in this Chinese belief?

After replaying in my head what happened this August, I am now a firm believer of Ghost Month. August is probably the most challenging month for me this 2016. I don't want to dive into details but I am intensely grateful God provided me with strength and patience to get through hardships. Tiwala lang talaga.

As soon as I got back from Singapore, she was one of the few people I wanted to see. Say hello to my bestfriend Jazzy! We had korean dinner and watched Kusina (a cinemalaya film). The movie was so refreshing. Something different, may seem odd for some. But I liked it. Judy Ann Santos was superb as usual. I don't have photos of what transpired after but I had wine night with my kabarkada at Barcino! One big glass of wine for P150! Not bad. :p

Also didn't have photos of the 2-day Cinemalaya marathon I did in CCP. I've been doing this every year since college. Before nga, almost everyday ako nasa CCP. Haha! 

This year I watched 5 films in CCP. First was Dagsin. It's a story about faith, love and survival. Can't say I liked it but what struck me most was the impeccable acting of Sir Tommy Abuel. Tama nga, because he won best actor (well-deserved!). Second film I watched was I America. Sobrang swabe ng comedic inserts kahit heavy drama! Strong story, cast, andy yun batuhan ng linya nila... solid! Third film was Mercury is Mine. It has an eccentric plot twist. Unpredictable and amusing! 4/5 siya sakin. Kakaiba yun story eh! 

My fave film was Pamilya Ordinaryo. Ang galing nun cast. Sobrang raw and tagos sa buto yun realities presented sa film. Last movie I watched was Hiblang Abo. GRABE. I got so depressed after watching it. Ang heavy and I realized ayoko tumanda mag-isa. May parts na dragging but nadala ng casts (the four lolos) yun pelikula. It was an ordinary story, pero yun yung gusto ko sa film... Makatotohanan. 

AND BTW, gusto ko lang ikwento yun nangyari pagkatapos ng Day 2 Cinemalaya marathon ko sa CCP. Umulan ng malakas and the 3g signal was wonky so I couldn't get an uber. I didn't wanna get stranded in Manila so I decided to ride the jeep. Hindi ko alam na hindi pala sila nagbababa sa train station mismo (my plan was to ride the LRT-MRT going to Ayala). So pagbaba ko ng jeep, bumuhos yun ulan. And if alam niyo kung paano ang Taft / Vito Cruz kapag umulan, alam niyo na na sumugod ako sa baha. Grabe, experience! :)) Hindi ako maarte pero grabe, yun natitira kong arte eh nawala nun panahon na yun. I didn't have an umbrella with me. So I was drenched as in para akong basang sisiw. Ang lala pa because rush hour yun. Sobrang puno ng LRT-MRT. But then I realized that day na kaya naman pala magcommute. I'm used to my car or uber/grab soI tend to forget about public transportation. Since wala ako choice nun araw na yun, napilitan ako. But it was okay because I got to Ayala in less than an hour. Pretty amazing because people were stuck in traffic that day. As in carmageddon levels. HAHA. Met up with my friend in Greenbelt (I walked inside the mall na sobrang basa sa ulan but oh well) then we went boxing in Elorde Elite. After we had late dinner in Little Tokyo then we realized masstuck ulit kami sa Makati cos of the high uber surge. Thank God for our other kabarkada who picked us up in EDSA (we had to ride the jeep at midnight just to get to Alphaland to meet them). GRABE yun adventures ko that day. Pretty damn proud of it though. Obvious ba? ang haba ng kwento ko about it. Haha.


Shell shoot with Pax and Ana for the left-handers day. I'm not a leftie but we did challenges using our left hand and grabe, ang hirap (Wow fave term this month lol). But hey we survived (Another fave term hehehe).

Top and cullotes from Editor's Market and slipons from Charles and Keith. All from Singapore. (maaaan I miss SG!)

My blog barkada slash ates :P Hihi.

More more selfies kasi sinusulit yun makeup. HAHAHA LOL

After the shoot, we went to Rockwell for the UNIQLO event. Check out the fall/winter collection of Uniqlo! PS loving Liz Uy's top!!! GANDA :-)

Thanks Uniqlo for having us!

Trying to shoot the CHERIE PARIS watch. Hahaha. It was a struggle because we weren't feeling creative that day! :)) 

Dinner at OOMA feat. our Cherie Paris watches. Lol. You can get them at Lazada!

Sunday gig! Hello Yael! Best vocalist in the whole wide universe. NAKS!!!! True friend right here. Fine, one of the best. Haha para hindi mashado biased :)) But seriously ang galing niya! One of the few people who gets my weirdness (cos he's strange too). Haha! Here's our favorite milk candy from Cagayan. Guys, when you go to Cagayan don't forget to hoard these!

After the gig, I had biglaan dinner at Sweet Ecstasy with Pat, Kat and Vic! :)

Bumabagyo nito pero nakuha pa namin mag ice cream ni Pat =))

Got an invite from Bobbi Brown! I rarely go to events now but I super love this brand so I made sure to attend!

Thank you Bobbi Brown! :)

Gazillion shots to find the perfect walking shot. Sometimes I don't know why I put so much effort into these things. Hahaha. Next time I'll limit myself to 5 shots. Lol. 

Whole ensemble from Zara.


Bobbi Brown's bestsellers: eyeliner, stick foundation and highlighter/shimmer!

Random wall I saw in Highstreet. It was like God was talking to me :) Simple reminder to find comfort in Him.

Before going to this dessert place, we had dinner in Nanbantei. I wanted ice cream after so...


Junkfood ice cream + nutella donuts. YUMMERS!

Maui always supporting my cravings. Hahaha! :))

And vice versa! We went to Arrozeria after because she needed a drink(s). LOL! :) I would love to have this chair when I get my own house. Haha!

August is over but I hope you guys grabbed a copy of last month's issue of Candy Magazine! This is me trying to be creative with my flatlays. Been so lazy when it comes to shooting stuff. Accck.

My forever favorite, BLK 513. Cereal milk + mangoes + oreos + charcoal yogurt = HEAVEN.

Fitting for my college bestfriend's wedding! Hi, I'm Belle :P

NEXT STOP: Fort! Went to Te Amo to check out their flower arrangement workshop! AHHHH... flowers :) :) Uy. Haha.

Took advantage of this instagrammable spot + pretty lighting. Dress from Bonny Apparel.

Saturday bonding with my ex sister-in-law! Hahaha just kidding! Looool. Hi Anna Banana! :) Had this delicious four cheese pizza at Passion.

PAXIE'S BIRTHDAY! Sobrang wild nun traffic that day but thank God we made it! And thanks to Ava for driving and sinabay kami ni Ana! South kasi yun house party so nagka minor struggle. But anything for PAX!! :)) Sabi ko nga kahit Benguet pa yan party niya pupunta kami. Lol! Also, very titas of manila mode kami. We stayed inside a room lang and talked about politics and tattoos. Hahaha. Gotta love my blog barkada! :))

Dropped by LCP last week (located at 3/F, MDI building 10th ave Taguig).

Fell inlove with the store's interior! And of course all their classy clothes! AHHHHH.


A bar inside the store! 

Decided to cut my hair because... WALA LANG. :))

Also changed the color because I got bored with my old one.

Ash brown layered hair! Treated myself because of all the shitty things I went through this month. LOL. I DESERVE THIS! Hahahahhaa

Dropped by LASHAUS Forbestown for my eyelash extension! I'm lazy to do my makeup so I really rely on these extensions to make me look human. Lol! Quick story. After the treatment, I checked uber and got shocked to see the 3.2 surge. Yun pala it was raining hard. I had my umbrella with me so ready na sana ako to commute but then my friends were like "use the uberpool 99 promocode". THANK GOD I DID! Took me 1 hr and 30 mins to reach my place but it's okay cos I just paid P99! Score! 

Quick nap then I got ready to go to SPONGECOLA'S DOUBLE EP LAUNCH at Teatrino! So proud of these boys! :)

Saturday nights are reserved for my HS barkada! Dinner at Club Filipino before watching Camp Sawi. HAHA.

Then second dinner at Refinery after watching the movie because we got hungry again! :))

Realized I see these girls every week. Minsan twice or thrice a week pa because we're super clingy. :P

Love you Je, Lou and Ki! Missing Pam, Taps and the others (who are always MIA :/) 

Lunch with the parentals at Cafe Fleur in Angeles, Pampanga.

We got the pork belly kare-kare and aligue pasta! :) Can't wait to try their other stuff!

Chef Sau never fails! :)

Iced batirol with chocnut for dessert because I was too full to try their cakes! Must. Go. Back!

Then another dinner date at Din Tai Fung with my parents to end this freakishly odd month (lol). My love for chinese desserts (chocolate xiao long bao + salted egg buns) is so strong... I finished them all. Haha!

But the highlight of this month is probably this (!!!!!!!!!!) MEETING ELEVEN (Millie Bobby Brown) of STRANGER THINGS!!! Ahhhh. Still can't get over it. Will blog about it (Asia pop comicon and how I met her!) tomorrow.

I am just really really thankful August is over and I can say a cliche line like "It's a new month, a new chapter!" LOL. But seriously (!!!) THANK YOU LORD for holding my hand all throughout this rough and tough month. Better days please.

Grammar nazis, please be kind. Will proofread tomorrow (or someday) LOL

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  1. Have a great month, and rest of the year T! :) <3 Exciting Ber days ahead!


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