How I met Eleven aka Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things

Wednesday, September 7, 2016 —

Who watches Netflix series' STRANGER THINGS here?? *raises both hands enthusiastically*

I used to love going out. I can't even stay in my house because I get bored easily. But when I discovered Netflix, I became a homebody. A couch potato to be exact. HAHAHA. If you follow me on twitter, most of my updates are about series or movies that I watch. I had a phase where I became so addicted to Korean dramas. But lately, I've been into Sci-Fi thriller. I started with Orphan Black (I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO WATCH IT PLEASE) and then I discovered this fairly new show called STRANGER THINGS.

I usually don't believe the hype so when people started talking about this series, I was hesitant to watch it. But out of curiosity, I did. AND THANK GOD I GAVE IT A TRY! I got so hooked to the point I didn't go out of my room and finished Season 1.

Few weeks after my Stranger Things marathon, I found out ELEVEN (aka Millie Bobby Brown) was coming to Manila for Asia Pop Comicon! So glad Anagon hooked me up with the PR of this event so I got to meet Millie!!!!!!!! I brought Jas and Jeff who are also big fans of this show!

First session: Panel discussion with Millie! Look at that stare hahaha :P 

She was so adorable and witty! I just want to put her in my pocket. I want my kid to be as talented and charming as Millie! 

We asked her to do Eleven's famous "stare" :O /chills!!!

She was so happy with us (her fans --- she actually calls us friends awww) LOOK AT THAT CUTE FACE! *insert hearts here*

Can't wait to see this girl bloom into a versatile actress! More projects for this kid please!

After the panel discussion was the Q&A/Meet and greet session. We only had 1 pass for this session so I was alone while Jas and Jeff went around the stalls in Comicon. I was so nervous before the meet and greet! :))

STARSTRUCK! I wanted to say so many things but I ended up saying "I love you!" (hopefully in a non-creepy way) + I stared at her. Lol. You guys don't know how much I love her character in Stranger Things!!!!

First celebrity I asked for a fansign! =)) 

The PR of Comicon gave us more passes for the Photograph session with Millie! I was so happy because I got to bring Jas and Jeff this time! :) Here's our "I-will-hurt-you-if-you-hurt-me" death stare. Inspired by Eleven of course. HAHAHA. 

Jazzy edited this one! Hahaha from being creepy psychokinetic kids to flower girls! HAHAHAHA

Big thanks to Asia Pop Comicon for this opportunity! :)


  1. I have so much love to AsiaPop too, if they gave you Eleven, they gave me the opportunity to meet Joe Dempsie naman in the event. Hahaha! I do have an entry about how I meet him, do check it if you have time.

    xoxo, rej |


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