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Thursday, October 20, 2016 —

A happy, sweet and cool afternoon filled with bondings over cupcakes, crafts and colognes!

2 weekends ago, I had the chance to discover more about this newest line of baby cologne: Belo Baby

If you know me well, I never leave the house without perfume or cologne. But I'm also not into strong women perfume so oftentimes, I buy mens perfume (cos it smells refreshing). Or I go for my usual baby cologne.

Thankfully, we have more options when it comes to baby colognes! Introducing: Belo Baby's newest cologne line :D

Before talking about product, here's a little tour of where the event was held: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery in Bonifacio Highstreet.

Love how the place totally matches the brand! Sophisticated and fun :)

Spot the Belo Baby colognes! Don't you just love the pastel packaging? NEAT!

Upon entrance, I ran straight to the cupcake buffet. Hahaha. Just kidding! :p

Kidding aside, when we registered they asked us what adjective best describes us: happy, sweet or cool. Guess what I chose? See above photo for hint!

Glad Vina was my teammate! We are the cool girls :p LOL! No but seriously, I do appreciate sweet/fruity scents like Sweet Snuggle and Happy Tickle BUT my heart is for anything cool-smelling and refreshing! That's why I chose Cool Drizzle.

For the activities, the group were assigned to do different crafts. Ours was jewelry-making. :) Here's my teammate slash host Raiza and our Cool Drizzle team leader Kaila Estrada.

Cool marble and pastel beads for our bracelets! It was so therapeutic to make these so I ended up making two! :P

The Happy Tickle team leader Vern painting her flower craft thingy! :)

Sweet Snuggle group made cupcakes! Here's my favorite youtube vlogger Anna Cay rocking the activity! :)

After the activities, we finally had time to raid the buffet area! Pasta and cupcakes ftw :) I swear everything is synced with Belo Baby packaging! even the plates :))

Also had time to take OOTD shots! Thank you H&M for my sweater and joggers! :) Gone are the days when I would go to events formally dressed. Haha. 

I think my ensemble fits the theme naman, right? :)

Meet the Belo Baby ambassadors Vern Enciso for Happy Tickle, Kaila Estrada for Cool Drizzle and Nicole Andersson for Sweet Snuggle with CEO of Belo Baby, the charming Cristalle Belo.

She even gave us "Ate" advice about life and the importance of taking care of yourself (in all aspects). I love events like this. You get to take home not only knowledge about the brand but also lessons about life in general :D

One of the event highlights: meeting my favorite youtube beauty vlogger, Anna Cay! Was such a fangirl hehe! She's the nicest :)

Don't forget to visit her VLOG

If you were to choose your scent, which one would you pick? :) 

We also got to take home Belo Baby goodies! Yay!

Thank you so much Belo Baby for a colorful and eventful afternoon :) 

Feel scentsational all day with Belo Baby cologne!

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