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Wednesday, October 5, 2016 —

Sharing with you guys my favorite makeup products! :)

I don't have much make-up actually. I'm just starting to appreciate them! After my korea trip last April, I started experimenting on basic make-up (keyword: basic)! Since I'm a very practical (aka kuripot) person, my collection is very limited. Still in the process of looking for the best per category (with the help of my favorite beauty vloggers hehe). But for now, let me share with you guys my faves! And guys, this is not sponsored! :D


Le Blanc De Chanel Base Lumiere - I just started using this because my favorite beauty vlogger Anna Cay loves this so much. I figured why not invest on high-end primer? I don't know how to explain it well but the make-up glides so well after I put this primer.


Mario Badescu Special Healing Powder - I put this in my face before putting anything. My skin type is oily and I think this helps oil control :) Obviously love it since paubos na siya. Haha! And yes, it's green but colorless naman siya when you put it in your face.

Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder - I heard it's the best setting powder so I got this a month ago at Sephora Singapore. I apply this after I put everything in my face. Works like magic because it really sets (well duh haha) my makeup so well. 


Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control (No. 33 Coffee)- last April when I went to Korea I started researching about the best Korean makeup products. This always tops the list so I decided to buy it. Sadly, the shade I got was too light for me so I had to purchase one again here in the Philippines. Luckily, Laneige has stores here in Manila! Finally got the right shade for me which is coffee (I think it's the second to the darkest shade available here in our country).

Guys, THIS IS THE BEST. I have dark spots (because I broke out like crazy during the first part of this year) but this product covers all my imperfections! Thank God I don't have zits anymore but I tried using this when I still had acne and it didn't irritate my skin. Have been using this since May and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. For the price point (Php1900+), it's worth it because it includes an extra refill. 

Bobbi Brown foundation stick (shade: beige no 3) - I just got this a month ago. Haven't tried using it but I will soon! Saving this for special occasions! :P

Gingko BB Cream from Charmzone - Another bb cream I just got! It's from a new Korean brand here in the Philippines, Charmzone. Can't wait to try it! Their products are now available at Lazada.


Face Shop concealer - I have been using this since college and I don't know why I never tried other concealers. Oh wait. I actually tried Tarte concealer but I finished it already so I went back to using this. This tube I got from Korea but they also sell it here. It's a liquid concealer. For me, liquid concealers are easier to blend. 

Been wanting to try Make Up Forever's Ultra HD concealer. Thoughts about this product? Please let me know! It's a bit pricey so I want to know if it's worth it!


NARS BLUSH (shade: deep throat and orgasm) - I've been using this since college also! Not very experimental when it comes to blush cos I like the natural look so these shades are perfect for my skin tone. Actually, I have been using the shade Orgasm since college but just a month ago (during my Sephora haul), I switched to the shade Deep Throat. I like it's cos it's peach pink. :) I think I'm taking a break from Orgasm's sorta shimmery pink shade.

Benefit's Bene Tint - I use this whenever I go to the beach! You can judge me but let me just explain myself --- I always look pale cos I have iron deficiency so putting blush-on is very important. And PLEASE... who doesn't want to look cute in beach photos haha :)) I use it for my lips too! 


Too Cool for School's Wonderful Multiple Stick - bought this in Korea. At first I got it cos the packaging is so cute (lol) but I now use it religiously. It's a moisturizing balm with argan oil and shea butter. I also use this when I have dry skin (face area) :) Don't you just love multi-purpose products?

Tendertalk lip balm (in the shade Candy Wrapped) and Lip glass from MAC - Just received these babies! 

Dark out pro longwear lip pencil from MAC - I just started discovering the benefits of using lip liners. Haha. If I want fuller lips I use this one! :)

Kat Von D's everlasting matte liquid lipstick (bow n arrow) - one of my random purchases in Sephora Singapore. Haha! The shade is a dupe for Kylie's Dolce K. It's $10 dollars cheaper than Kylie lipkit so score! :D

Sleek's Matte Me (birthday suit) - OBVIOUSLY OVERUSED! Hahaha! This is my everyday lip cream :) I think this is everyones favorite Matte Me lippie!

KYLIE Lipkit (Koko K) - I used to think that this is not worth it. I didn't want to buy because it's SO expensive (I'm kuripot). But when I went to Poshmark Boutique in Maginhawa QC, I saw this in one of the stalls and FINALLY, I decided to buy it. They sell it for P2700 (yes a bit steep but I love this shade SOOOO much) so I recklessly purchased it. The reason why I don't want to buy the kylie lipkit in any online store is because I've been hearing that some stores sell fake lipkits. I actually even watched youtube vlogs on how to spot a fake one. So I really scrutinized this lipkit (hahaha) before buying it. It's legit!

Bobbi Brown lipstick (Brown) - I rarely use cream lipstick now eversince I fell in love with matte lippies but this one is my ultimate favorite :) This shade is the perfect mix of nude and pink. For everyday use!


Eyebrow pencil from MAC - Obviously overused too so I don't know what shade it is. :)) 

Classic brow lead by Browhaus - I use this before I got my hair colored (my hair is one shade lighter)! But sometimes I still use this to fill my brows.

Shu Uemura's brow tint (honey glaze) - I just wish the wand has a mascara brush! :( 


Proenza Schouler eyeliner pencil from MAC - I used to put eyeliner everyday (to make my eyes look bigger) but now I'm super lazy so I rarely use this!

Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eyeliner (blank ink 1) - just received this too and I seriously thought it was going to be hard to apply it but I was wrong! The brush is the perfect fit for this gel eyeliner! It's SO easy to apply. Considering I am not a pro when it comes to putting make-up on myself. Haha!


Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick compact (Nectar) + an old brush from Happy Skin - I am usually a concealer - powder - blush kind of girl but because I've been so addicted to make-up vlogs lately, it led me to an experimental phase. Still in the semi-natural part because I still don't like putting eyeshadow (looks weird on me because my eyes don't have folds) :P I actually just discovered the power of the highlighter and now I get it why a lot of people go loco over this product. Hehe. 


City Color Collection Contour Palette 2 (contour, bronze, highlight) - newest purchase from Poshmark Boutique Maginhawa branch. I've been looking for a good contour palette and I finally found one! I've been reading about City Color for quite sometime now so I was happy to spot it in Poshmark Boutique for only P450! Sulit because it has pang contour, bronzer and highlighter nadin!


Zoeva powder and blush brush - impulse buy from Sephora (just because I bought a new powder and blush hahaha) but thank God I bought these! Tama yun favorite youtube vloggers ko! :) best brushes ever! 

REAL TECHNIQUES foundation brush + sponges - Bought these Real Techniques brushes from Sephora.ph. Read about these brushes and my Sephora shopping experience here 

Last but not the least, oil control film from Gatsby. I have oily skin so I need this to stay fresh :)) 

Hope you guys enjoyed my what's in my make-up bag post! I'm not a beauty blogger so I apologize if I butchered some of the technical terms :P 


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  1. Love makeup forever! Also (finally) scored a Kylie lipkit (dolce naman sakin) through my friend sa US :) Ang saya lang! Simple (or not so simple coz mahal hahaha) joys! :)

    Ang saya to see some of our Korean finds there, nakakatuwa na they are effective!!!


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