How to get cheap wifi when travelling abroad

Monday, November 28, 2016 —

My new travel buddy: FLYTPACK!

I have to admit, I have a love-hate relationship with the internet world. I have been blogging for 5 years already but sometimes, I love being disconnected. Just me and my book, totally detached from my social media channels.

I understand the importance of internet because my main job is fueled by it; so I have learned to embrace the positive side of it. And you know what? this love for the internet is intensified whenever I travel.

You see, whenever I travel (alone or with friends), I am usually the navigator. I'm a bit obsessed with trains and maps so my travel buddies give me full control of the itinerary. The only problem with this is for me to completely achieve this role (a walking GPS lol), I need WIFI.

Wifi when travelling can be a bit challenging because 1) I never ever register to the mobile internet service cos I am a prepaid user and I really find the internet abroad packages a little bit too expensive (sorry not sorry to the mobile networks --- I'm just really kuripot) 2) I don't like wasting my time on cafes and malls trying to leech off their wifi. I am the kind of explorer who is mega conscious of the time so every second must be spent on discovering hidden gems in a certain country.

Luckily I have found a solution to this wifi dilemma: the FLYTPACK wifi router!

So let me share with you guys the 5 most important things why I love this FLYTPACK wifi router:

1. It is incredibly CHEAP (to see list of their rental prices, click HERE). I can't stress the importance of budgeting when travelling. I don't like unnecessary gastos so I was hesitant to rent this at first. But when I saw the price list, I WAS SOLD. P220 per day in Hongkong? PUSH!

2. Renting a wifi router is SO EASY (again, to see the procedure on how to rent, click HERE). First you reserve online, then you receive a confirmation after payment, then you choose if you want to pick up the wifi in their office or have it delivered in your home. The return of the device can also be done through pick-up. How convenient, right?

3. User-friendly. No configurations needed. When I got to Hongkong, I just turned it on and VIOLA! I was able to use it, hassle-free. A lot of my friends already tried FLYTPACK during their travels and they didn't have a problem with it too.

4. The wifi speed is fast and the allocated mbs per day is more than enough. We used the router all day but my friends and I didn't even finish the mb! Also the best part? 8 devices can connect to the router! So imagine, if you rent it with your friends, mas tipid pa.

5. Awesome battery life. Used it the whole day and the battery was still at around 50% at night! Perfect.

Now I don't have to spend on overpriced food and coffee abroad just to be able to use a restaurant's wifi! I can now freely use my google maps / gps while exploring a place, upload travel photos real-time, and be able to update my friends and family when travelling. FLYTPACK really is my new travel buddy!

To know more about the FLYTPACK wifi router, click THIS

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