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Monday, November 14, 2016 —

October was such an eventful and fast month!

Warning: tons of photos ahead. I should learn how to collage stuff... in an artsy way. Will try to use photoshop for next month's photodiary! But for now, please bear with me.

Oct 1 - Poshmark Studio Maginhawa branch opening with Cha, Pax, Arnie!

Plus Seph, Trice, Ava, Angela and Martha :)

Always good to be around these girls esp shopping events! "Will I get this or no na?" Lol

Not a fan of selfies but I tried Paxie's huawei phone and I must say, I'm really impressed with the quality of the front camera. 

Obviously not a selfie expert. Blurry + terrible background hehe

Because everyone left and no one can take our photos... Haha!

Concho's Sisig Maginhawa for dinner with Pax! Uh oh, I'm blogging this at 5am and I'm intensely craving for their sisig. MUST GO BACK.

That Thing called Tadhana... lol. Spent the whole night + early morning with Pax. YUP! I went to her apartment and we just talked till 3am. From substantial to shallow conversations with this girl. LOVE.

Oct 2 - Sunday well spent with the Spongecola boys! Dinner + gig at Circuit. Saya ng gabing to lalo na the van ride going home. HAHAHA. 

Had my quiet time at Starbucks after because I didn't feel like going home yet. Love being alone. 

Oct 3 - Pullout in H&M with Lissa!

Their showroom is bombdigs!

Plus the perfect place to do flatlays because they have the best props from H&M home

Plus you get to do stellar mirror shots in the fitting room

Top from Poshmark Studio, pants from Editor's Market, slides from SM Parisian

So I really took advantage of their showroom...

plus Lissa had her Leica :p So shooting time!

Actually going back to H&M showroom tomorrow to pullout for my Hongkong trip!

Obsessed with Zara's trenchcardis and coats!

Finally got to try LOKANTA! Ang sarap grabe. :O no photos but after Rockwell I went to Galleria to meet up with Yael and Gosh! We watched Sausage Party. HAHAHAHA WHAT A CRAZY MOVIE.

Oct 4 - Maginhawa and The Yard with Joven, Grass and Nic. Reunited!

Oct 6 - The Girl on the train with Jazzy! I have burning love for psych thriller films. Hehe

Oct 7 - Pullouts day. Plus went to Ever New to shop! Yay thank youuu

They have the nicest dresses, ever.

OOTD time. Mirror shot again cos I was alone. Haha

Pants and sweater from H&M, espadrilles from Poshmark Studio, bag from Ever New

Saw these mules with the CUTEST ball heels at Charles and Keith. Had to get em! :))

Room 16 in Kapitolyo after. It's beside Tittos. YES GUYS, it's the entrance to the bar.

Sucker for Speakeasy!!!!

Orgcomm blockmates! Heather, Joh, Joa and Kathy!

Ended the night at Starbucks with my besty, Joven. Actually crashed her cousins bonding at Tipsy Pig but kidnapped her for a while so we can have dessert and coffee at Starbucks. You can't blame me for being clingy... she lives in the US and rarely visits! huhu

Oct 8 - After attending the Belo Baby event, I went to Cheska' house so we can have dinner with her fam (she's just visiting --- she works in SG!). Went to 2020 and Alamat after. But I had to go home early because I had work the next day!

Oct 9 - Shoot for Discover Magazine! Tatin brought her dog. CUTEEEEEEEE

I usually just go straight home after shoots but that day was an exception! Went to Fort to support David's AXE Black popup store!

With Paul, Ana, Pax, Tin and Kels

Also did a panel discussion about travel with these guys haha! Ang saya :P I realized that night that I love public speaking pero kapag may kasama lang. I get stage fright when I'm alone.

glasses from DG's popup store!

Proud of you dave!!!!

The Clingies with Vina! :) Had dinner in Nanbantei after but no photo na cos sobrang hungry namin lahat. Haha!

Oct 10 - Returns then Rockwell with Joh!

LOKANTA again! Hehehe obsessed :))

Oct 11 - IPL time at Strip Megamall

STRIP is known for their stellar waxing services so I'm glad they finally have IPL! The procedure is almost painless! You can actually tell your therapist to lower the intensity if you feel uncomfortable.

They gave me a marshmallow after the session! Plus points hehe

Fell asleep in the middle of the session HAHA! So well-rested after the UA and Brazilian IPL procedure.

Weakness: ZARA

Another weakness: bumping into friends inside stores. HEATHER AND I ENDED UP SHOPPING! :))

Shang with the questors! 

Joven's last day before she flies back to the US. Huhu

Yellow cab takeout + tambay at her house in Marikina with her family! Awww


Oct 13 - Lashaus Forbestown for my monthly eyelash extension!

Pretty interior. So chic!

The person who put my extensions was SO AWESOME. As usual, I fell asleep. Tip: don't open your eyes right after they finish glueing the lashes. Let it dry first

I always get inquiries what type of lashes I get. It's PEACHY! I want something noticeable but not too flashy.

Oct 14 - flew to Cebu for my college bestfriend's wedding! 

Will create a separate blog for that! :)

Oct 18 - finally back in Manila and the first thing I wanted to see was my "barx" and eat at Pancake House!

Hi Axle, Taps, Ki and Lou! :)

Refinery. Tea for me, hot choco for Lou and beer for Ki. Life and love talks. LOL

Oct 23 - After 5 days of my forced house arrest (I had my wisdom tooth removed so I had to rest), Jazzy kidnapped me!! YAY

ZARA AGAIN. Obviously my fave brand

Watched Bakit Lahat ng Gwapo may Boyfriend to support Ate Anne! Such a feel good movie :)

Oct 24 - before going to their gig, Ted and I watched Inferno in Shang first!! Then off to 70's bistro.

Finally got to catch PUPIL. One of my fave OPM bands. ELY, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Hi.

Oct 25 - Daniel Wellington event at Sugar Factory Shangrila Fort

Seatmates Dani, David and Ana

Food was good! Didn't expect it. Hehe

And the desserts... OMG. TDF.

Dinner at Nanbantei with Mau! Watched her drink in Torch while talking about us being ready to finally fall in love. WHEW. Hahaha!

Oct 26 - rode the MRT & LRT to go to DLSU!

One of my fave tambayans. Aww.

Inside the Andrew building with for Chris and Taps!

Went to DLSU so we can watch Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa. Panel discussion after!

Checked out one of my favorite classrooms.

I miss college. I want to press rewind.

I'm getting so nostalgic here. 

Army Navy dinner with these girls aka the non-judging bunch. HAHA. 

South gate tambay with Taps (fellow Lasallian) while waiting for our rides! 

Oct 27 - Jas picked me up! Lunch at Ooma before going to La Union :)

Hi Papito! :)

Looks like Papito is interested in Murakami, too. Haha!

Off to LU with this one. Will blog about the trip separately :) 

Ended October (and started November) in the beach with my fave people. WHAT MORE CAN I ASK FOR? =)

October was oozing with greatness. Thank you Lord!

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