Thursday, December 8, 2016 —

How do you describe a month that gave you a lot of highs and lows?

November photodiary!

Still haven't blogged about my LU trip! Will do soon. Started the month right, first time I spent my November 1 elsewhere (I usually just go to my provinces: Bulacan and Pampanga). This year I decided to do things differently. Halloween and all saints/souls day in Elyu :)

Nov 2 - Back in Manila! Bumped into Bella in Rockwell. 

Dinner with Cat and Joh at Lokanta


Barcino afterwards. Hehe

Nov 3 - Taco Vengo with V

Yup, we eat a lot. HAHA

So many errands, so little time (I went to my old office). Decided to take the train!

Brass Pas Pas Pas Pas Pas night at Historia.

Girlcrush!!! KAT :-)

Bigsky with Kuya Nace, Earnie, Ebe and Ted!


Nov 4 - Tokyo Tokyo date with Rhea. Read more about it HERE

Waiting for traffic to die down at Santi's condo! Also, bonding with Lissa. As usual, no photos. Haha

Ramen dinner in Shang with my highschool friends!

Planet Grapes with Lou, Pam, Taps.  Motto that night? Let's cross the bridge when we get there. HAHAHA

Shempre, bitin kami. So we transferred to Borough.

to eat more! LOL. Milk and cookies!

Always fun with these ladies :)

Nov 5 - Saturday workday!

SM Parisian event at SMX

Cutie Cha!!

launch of the new collection of Milanos x Parisian


SAM C rocking the stage!

James and Nadine!

Blogger loves!

Rushed to Fort to meet up with Maumau.

SAGUIJO! Barbie Almalbis, Kitchie Nadal, Session Road, Johnoy Danao etc. SOLID LINEUP!

Recovery food after the gig! :)

Nov 8 - Pancake House lunch with Papa :)

Grocery at SNR afterwards. Grabe, gusto ko nitong teddy bear. Huhu

Nov 9 - Ayala malls event

Hello Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby!

My Christmas tradition. Looool. Papa P! :)

Isa pa hihihi

PJ, forever gwaps!

UCC with blogger friends after

Quick shoot with DG!

Dinner at Hole in the Wall with Joh, Cat, PJ. 12 monkeys after!

Hello Ebe!

Nov 10 - Dinner at Dohtonbori + accountability with my dgroup leader, Mama Dan! :)

Obsessed with their Okonomiyaki!!!

Coffee with P at Epic afterwards! :)

Nov 11 - Rockwell with Joh! 

ZARA, stop tempting me!!

I wore this denim jacket from Editor's Market too many times this month. Haha

Alamat for drinks and korean mart for dessert! YUM

Midnight bonding session with Nic and Grass! Perfect way to end the night.

Nov 12 - Saturday shopping!

Yup, Zara again hahaha

One of my fave chocolates! Funky Monkey from Shangrila Hotel. LA LANG. Haha

Sat night out (tita version) with Linny!

Nov 14 - pamper day!

Haircut, color, highlights at Vivere Salon Megamall.

I super love it!!!

Thank you VIVERE SALON! :)

Finally, much-needed bonding time with Ians! Dinner at Marufuku.

Nov 15 - Pullout day for my HK trip at H&M showroom

Fitting room kagulo with Pax!

Stellar lighting and awesome props at the showroom so... PHOTOSHOOT TIME! :P

fell in love with my new hexagon shades from Rayban! AHHH.

Shang with Lou! Dinner at Ikkoryu and dessert at Mary Grace. Maaaan, I eat a lot. Haha

And I go to Zara a lot, too. HAHAHA. What is this fascination with faux fur (vests)?? Lol

Posting the second half of my November photodiary tomorrow. Sorry, not much kwentos on this post. It's already almost 6am and I'm really, really SLEEPY. Hehe


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