Thursday, October 26, 2017 —

I was supposed to start this blog post with the line “I’m back” but then I’m not really sure if I’d be updating this regularly! I’m still in the process of creating changes so... wait. I’ll save that story for another blog.

I guess I just want to quickly share with you guys some random musings. General update is that I think I’ve finally found the balance between being a hermit and being an outgoing person. There are days though, like today, that I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to fix my room. I’ve been sort of redecorating (just a few changes like a new desk and book shelf) and "marie kondo-ing".

I’m trying to color coordinate everything. Sticking to mostly whites, greens and browns. Even my tissue box must match my work desk / vanity table. Thank God for this new Sanicare lilies box (had first dibs --- it will be out next month)! Look how pretty it is. Not surprised it’s so artsy because Alessandra Lanot (awesome artist) created the watercolored pattern design.


I have another box of this Sanicare lilies box that I put in my vanity table. Would love to take a photo but then it’s a mess right now! I’m really becoming a “tita” with all this mixing and matching even when it comes to toiletries. Of course I don’t only value the aesthetic of a product but most importantly, the quality. 

I use this Sanicare facial tissue to wipe my face after I take a bath / before putting skincare products and makeup. I don’t use a towel because it’s not hygienic (collects bacteria). Also, just a tip: do not use bathroom tissue cos it’s rough and is harsh for your skin.

You're probably wondering why I have a Sanicare lilies tissue box in my work desk. It’s because I also use this to wipe my tears (HAHAHAHA) when I watch kdrama or any tearjerker series/movies (I’m extremely emotional nowadays hehehe) so 3-ply tissue is a must. 

Anyway, back to fixing my room. Or probably go back to watching the Korean drama series I’m obsessed with now (I'm sure you know what it is! PHOTO^ LOL)


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