Where I stayed in Vienna, Austria: Hotel Beethoven

Where I stayed in Vienna, Austria: HOTEL BEETHOVEN

I know I say this every blog post, but tip for all travelers (especially solo travelers): get a hotel that is walking distance to the train station. Not only it will be so convenient for you, it will be cost efficient because you don't have to ride the cab. With my huge luggage, I was able to walk from the station to this hotel.

If there's one adjective that can properly describe this place, it's QUAINT.  From seeing how the hotel was built to walking inside the lobby/reception area, I suddenly felt at home.

Pop of colors and hip detailing for their furniture!

While still able to inject the home-y vibe any tourist would want to feel whenever they enter their hotel.

Mix of classic and trendy interior.

Artworks everywhere! And look at the wooden cabinet and trunk :) So beautiful!

Full-length mirror in hotel rooms is a MUST.

Even the design of their DND signage is so cutesy and modern!

Toilet is separate from the shower area, yet again! That's what I noticed with all the European hotels I stayed at.

Who takes home the hotel slippers and toiletries when traveling? ME. LOL.

Panoramic shot of the bedroom!

After checking the bathroom, the second thing I check in a hotel room is the softness of the mattress and pillows. Haha! Hotel Beethoven didn't disappoint! :P

Chocolates, candies & champagne + welcome note from the hotel. ALWAYS AND FOREVER WARMS MY HEART!

Don't you just love the shades of pink interior??

They had tons of heater in the room that I used to dry my laundry. I put my wet clothes on top of the heater and voila! Dry in a few hours. Does anyone do this trick also?? :P

The 4-star Hotel Beethoven lies ensconced in culture and cuisine on the “bohemian“ Naschmarkt, opposite the Papagenotor at Theater an der Wien (see photo above), just a few minutes’ walk from the Opera, the Musikverein, the Museumsquartier, the most traditional Viennese coffeehouses and shopping streets.

Like what I did in Berlin, I decided to extend my stay in Vienna. I was supposed to go to Slovakia (in Bratislava for a day) and Salzburg (also in Austria) but I felt extremely tired so I decided to just visit those cities on my next Eurotrip.

I maximized my time here at Hotel Beethoven by sleeping in (i wake up at around 11am) & coming back to the hotel around 6pm! :P

Each and every corner of this hotel is instagrammable!

Wish I had someone with me but oh well! Timer shot saves the day :P

I take my time when I travel (I don't like being in a rush) so there are days I would just stay in the hotel for hours, just reading a book. It's my much needed "pause" / relaxation time.

Pretty wallpapers and details!

Everything about this hotel screams ART. Perfect home in Vienna, if you ask me. Hotel Beethoven gives you a "glimpse" of Vienna's vibe and sights.

I absolutely recommend this hotel when you visit Vienna, Austria. To book a room, click HERE.