Where I stayed in Florence, Italy: Hotel Degli Orafi

Where I stayed in Florence, Italy: Hotel Degli Orafi 

Getting to Florence from Budapest, Hungary was a bit challenging. I remember riding a night train at around 7PM and arriving in Florence at around 8am the next day. So many train transfers and it wasnt a sleeper train. Actually I never tried a sleeper train in Europe. Cowboy style, I slept in my seat. Thank God I'm petite so I can curl up perfectly to achieve the sleeping position I want! Haha!                      

What I love about traveling via train in Europe is that you arrive in the city center already versus a faraway airport. And when your hotel is near, you can just walk from the station to your place. Luckily, my hotel is Florence is just 10 minutes away from the station. It just took me more than 10 minutes because streets are not concrete! they are cobblestones. Which is quite challenging if you have a big luggage :p What an experience!

Imagine, an overnight train with no proper sleep plus cobblestones to challenge you early in the morning. I was SO excited to get to Hotel Degli Orafi. When I got to the reception, I was so happy to know that the front desk person is a "kabayan" (for my foreigner readers, it means someone who is also from the Philippines!). He welcomed me with a warm smile. Since I arrived early, I didnt expect for them to give me my room. But guess what? THEY DID! also, maybe because I look beat and hungry, they told me i can also have breakfast. At this point I felt like my heart was about to explode because of gratitude.

When I got to my room, I was so happy to see this window with the view of the river. Hotel Degli Orafi have classic European style rooms. Victorian but laid back. It felt very home-y.

The coach I sat for about 10 minutes to just thank God for the kind staff of Hotel Degli Orafi for being so accommodating. Plus super quick rest before I took a bath.

Bed was comfy and I stayed so much inside my room here in Florence. Most nights it was raining so I opted to just stay here with my takeouts and enjoyed my much-needed rest.

welcome letter and some fruits that became my "merienda" during my whole stay :) hehe

And the best part of this room was this view. YES. I had this view of River Arno. I think this was the moment I realized I will fall in love madly with Florence, for sure.

God blessed me with sunny mornings and just light showers in the afternoon (it was winter when I went) so I kind of expected my Eurotrip to be gloomy. So sunny days always excite me!

After a loooooooong travel, shower! One of the best hotel bathrooms during my whole Eurotrip.
So spacious and so big!

I always used the bath tub when I was traveling in Europe. I mean you need it after all the walking!

The all-marble design of this bathroom was a plus! And the lighting too. :p Definitely enjoyed my long bath after that train travel!

After resting, I had like 30 minutes before the breakfast buffet would close. I took advantage of it, of course! Was so surprised to see that their dining area looks like this. I WAS SO IMPRESSED. Felt like a royalty eating here in my pajamas! :))

So many choices...

I MEAN CMON GUYS. Jams, butter, yogurt. I took home some hehehe

different kinds of cheeses, cereals... AHHH. such a perfect morning for my Florence day 1!

FAVORITE was these mini nutellas! I brought home some, too hahahaha! :)

i didnt take a photo of my other plates but it's safe to say I liked their bacon and eggs a lot :P

Still amazed how they designed the breakfast area...  :)

after eating, I planned to take a nap before exploring the city. But before I went back to my room, I explored the hotel first!

Really impressive design. I may have spent so much time in their library!

Everything so well put together!

Fast forward to night time, I went back to the hotel to have dinner at the top floor.

And this had the contemporary design. Modern vintage, if that makes sense.

Got their pizza and molten cake that tasted DIVINE.

Best part of the top floor is the terrace! Unique view over the river Arno, Palazzo Vecchio, Brunelleschi's magnificent Dome. Eventhough it was winter, I endured the cold weather and stayed outside to appreciate this.

Hotel Degli Orafi's location was perfect. But what I liked best about this hotel is their friendly and helpful staff. They're always so welcoming and warm. When you're traveling alone, you rely on these little moments of kindness you receive from the people around you.

I seriously fell in love with Florence and made a promise to myself to go back soon & stay in Hotel Degli Orafi again when I do. Unforgettable experience in this hotel! Before I left, the filipino receptionist told me "dapat pagbalik mo, may boyfriend ka na!" (translation: when you come back, you should have a boyfriend already). I told him I'm NBSB (no boyfriend since birth) so he was joking that the next time I visit Florence, I should be with a lover. Maybe I would have one when I go back, who knows :p

Thank you Hotel Degli Orafi, Florence Italy! I'll surely be back :)