Back to (business) school

Unlearn, learn, relearn.

this has become my mantra this year.

To unlearn --- the things I need to discard and make space for new things / thoughts, 
To learn --- stretch the capabilities of my brain
To relearn --- give value to the things I’ve started to forget or take for granted.


After college, I took up different courses. I studied short courses in SOFA (School of Fashion & the Arts) and a fashion online course in Parsons New York. I did that to learn more about the industry I was in (actually I still am, but kind of shifted to a different area).

8 months ago, I officially stopped writing and styling for magazines (both print and digital). I’ve been doing it for 7 years and I just realized it’s time to move on to something else. Without any background in retail, I decided to create a swimwear brand with my cousin. Trust me when I say I don’t know anything about business. Luckily, my cousin worked as a fashion merchandiser so she’s equipped with skills that helped us build and eventually, launch our brand.

But of course, I needed to learn about the basics of business. I couldn’t do a full MBA because I don’t think I have the time and patience for it. Luckily, AIM (Asian Institute of Management) offers short courses --- perfect for people who want to dip their toes into the world of business. 


People have been asking me what kind of course since it only lasted for a month. It was an intensive business program that was curated by Asian Institute of Management’s School of Executive Education in partnership with BGC (Bonifacio Global City) called the  
AIM X BGC Innovation Fellowship Program.

Basically, it’s about learning the process of innovation and design thinking method.  If you have a business or thinking of opening one, this course is helpful because it teaches you how to understand your particular industry and the journey of your consumer. I learned the basics of finance, customer persona, value proposition & business model canvas and the like. Since it is just a month-long course (2-3 times a week – after work hours during weekdays and whole day during Saturdays), get ready to have your brain filled with a lot of information – might seem overwhelming at first BUT it’s so challenging for the mind to take in things like these.

Honestly couldn’t believe that I would enjoy business school that much. AIM makes learning fun and practical. I’ve always loved learning about new things but I never thought I’d become so engrossed in this to the point I am thinking of taking up MBA. This innovation course has taught me formal, social and experiential kind of learning --- I think enrolling in this course is the best decision I made this year. 

Top 3 things I love about the innovation fellowship program

1. A different kind of masterclass

I don't have a business (school) background so I seriously thought I’d have a hard time understanding the lessons. But with an open mind and determination to learn, I surprised myself because I LOVED & enjoyed each and every session. The most important part is that it’s so useful for my business. I didn’t think it was possible to learn that much in a month. So glad I took a chance & took up this certificate course. Makes me wonder why I didn't take up business in college — it’s so exhilarating yet truly enlightening.

2. Innovation squad

I am way beyond overjoyed to have had groupmates (Hi Didy, Karen, Kar and Ira!) who are so competitive but not narcissistic. Throwing ideas around with this intelligent bunch became such an effective way to brew, acquire & retain knowledge.  I definitely learned a lot from them not only about business but also about life in general. They pushed me to become better and helped me in more ways than I could think of. So grateful to have met them!

3. Tribe 1 Innovation Fellows

I’ve been hearing about the school "AIM" from the parents of my friends who are studying/studied there. Knowing that it is the number 1 business school in the Philippines kind of scared me at first. “What if I can’t catch up? What if I have a hard time learning?” but all those questions went away after just 1 session. The professors are brilliant but not intimidating and I was blessed with classmates who can be super serious when it comes to academics but also know how to have fun. Balance of everything, really. Plus everyone is so warm and approachable — always more than willing to lend a helping hand.


A lot of people are asking me when’s the next run of this AIM innovation fellowship program & good news… they’re creating another one next month! 

Why join?

If you want personal and professional growth, I highly suggest you try this out. To become a proactive seeker of the better way when it comes to dealing with today’s fast-paced work environment. Plus, learn with people who are driven & goal-oriented and at the same time, build cooperation in competition. Challenge your mind to come up with ideas and engage through collaborative mentoring. You’ll receive a certificate after this course and you’ll be part of the AIM Alumni Network.

When and where?

The schedule of this month-long course is from October 24 to Nov 26. It’s usually T/TH/S – 7-10pm during weekdays & 9-6pm on Saturdays. Some classes will be held in AIM campus and the others at Clock-In Co-working space BGC.

How to enroll:

Contact Jia Santos at to learn more about this program