Travel requirements and entry guidelines for Boracay (from Manila)




So it's been a long time since I updated this blog. I wonder if people still go to websites and read blogs or heavily depend on microblogs like instagram / twitter or vlogs on youtube. :) Anyway I hope you all are coping well this pandemic. It might surprise some that I'm doing a travel blog this 2020. Domestic travel from and to some regions & towns is finally allowed. It has been for a few months now but I just gathered courage a month ago to book a flight and start dreaming of travel again. I actually only told a few friends about it because I didn't want to jinx my trip but now that I'm back in Manila, safe & healthy inside my room, I can finally write about it to share some information and guidelines about traveling during the new normal.



Step 1:

Book your flight. Lots of promo deals now! Some local airlines also offer unlimited rebooking so choose wisely and compare prices before booking

Step 2: 

Book your DOT accredited hotel. To know the accredited hotels, I had to google them. I found the list HERE. Since I like to double check things, I also messaged the hotel I stayed in (Henann Crystal Sands) to ask if they have DOT's certificate to operate. Just to make sure :P

Step 3:

Secure your RT PCR swab test 72 hours before departure. A lot of laboratories offer different rates because you can have a swift result (24-48) so choose wisely. Here's the list of DOH accredited laboratories. I booked a home service one from Zennya (A health app) -- their laboratory is accredited (San Miguel Foundation testing laboratory). It costs 3800 and they assure you that results will be released 24-48 hours upon collection of specimen. So I scheduled mine on a tuesday around lunch time because my flight was on friday around 11am. I got my results in 24 hours. 

Step 4:

Fill out this Boracay health declaration form online.

Step 5:

Submit proof of identification (government issued ID), your negative RT-PCR result, files of your confirmed hotel booking and confirmed flight details to with the subject "OHDC-*your family name, first name*" Example: OHDC-Ayson, Tracy. You must submit at least 12 hours before your departure so they can send back your personal/unique QR CODE (this is important because the airlines need it upon check-in, upon arriving in the island and you'll be needing it around Boracay / in some establishments).

Other reminders:

You need a faceshield and mask in the airport (to be worn during the whole flight) and around the island. Eventhough you're walking in the shore, you still need your face mask. You can just remove it when you're about to swim / if you're doing water activities. 

You need to register before you swim (they will check your temperature, your unique/personal QR code and get your contact details). You will see the tents, it's impossible to miss them. 

You don't need to quarantine when you get to the island or when you go back to Manila. You also don't need to take another RT-PCR swab test. But if you want to be sure, you can take a test again or quarantine yourself in your home.

  Travel with precaution. Don't be too relaxed / lenient just because you think travelers/people around you took the RT-PCR test. Again, you don't know if the person really stayed at home 72 hours before his/her flight.

Hope this guide helps and i hope I didn't forget anything! If I did, feel free to message me on instagram :)

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