Where I stayed in Berlin, Germany: Dormero Hotel

 Why I decided to extend my stay in Berlin, Germany


Funny story: Berlin wasn't really part of my original itinerary. I decided to go last minute because it was in the middle of Copenhagen and Prague :P I needed to go somewhere in between. I told myself I'll only stay for 3 days. So I booked my hotel, went to Berlin, but felt extreme exhaustion from the month-long travel during my last day. That's when I decided to extend for 3 more days.

So during the first half of my Berlin trip, I stayed in a hotel with lots of malls / tourist attractions around it. But for the second half, I transferred to a more peaceful area. Dormero hotel Berlin KuDamm is still in the city, but the vibe of the neigborhood was more mellow.

It's a boutique hotel with a balance between classic and modern design. I noticed that as soon as I stepped inside the hotel. And how cute that they were projecting One Direction videos in the lobby area? :) Plus this trippy glass / water wall art!

Water + fruits to welcome you!

City maps and train guides to help you with your trip.

Way to the other side of the lobby. But before I explored that, I decided to check my room first.

Don't worry, they have elevators! I just wanted to show you guys the classic design of the hotel.  

 Wore like 7 layers of heattech (top and leggings) underneath these turtleneck and disco pants. Haha! ONE BIG ANYWAY... room tour!

Love the bold color details of the room. White walls, neutral colored furniture, red curtains and wood flooring.  

Living room. Spent some time here just reading a book or listening to music. :) Perfect spot!

Desk and closet. Love the painting!

Fave part? Ref full of FREE drinks! Yup, you read that right! :P

Bath area is separate from the toilet. Most european hotels are designed this way.

 Don't you just love big bathrooms? :) So spacious and bright!

Huge television! Fun fact: whenever I'm alone in a hotel room, the tv is turned on while I sleep. It's just set in a news channel. Haha. Not that I'm scared, it's just that it's very comforting for me.

Cozy bed and pillows ftw! I'm in bed by 7pm (true story!). Just watching tv or netflix.

 Panoramic shots of my room!



I always check out the lounge areas of hotels I stay in. Love the outdoorsy / garden vibe of Dormero's lounge!


Renaissance feels