Where I stayed in Berlin, Germany: Lux Eleven


Stayed in a luxury apartment suite in Berlin: LUX Eleven Berlin Mitte

After a 7-hour travel from Copenhagen, Denmark (trains + ferry), I finally arrived in Berlin. From the HBF (main station), I had to ride another train to this area. The train ride was super short (maybe around 8 mins). Then when I arrived in the station, it was just a 5 minute walk to the hotel.

I've tried staying in a hostel (see Clink NOORD Amsterdam post HERE) and a hotel (see 71 Nyhavn Copenhagen post HERE) but it's the first time (in Europe) that I stayed in a luxury apartment house. Lux Eleven is a  serviced apartment so I really felt at home during my whole stay.

But what's nice about it is that it has all the four star comforts that we tend to look for when it comes to finding a place when traveling (that includes a 24-hour reception and room service).


Lux Eleven is located in the city center of Berlin-Mitte. Surrounded by malls, art galleries, cafes, bars and restaurants. I can't stress the importance of finding a place that's in the city centre or near a train station. Especially during solo travel. It just makes your life 10 times easier.

Tons of travel guides and brochures in the Lux 11's lobby to help you plan your stay in Berlin. 

This seriously felt like a European apartment with a sprinkle of modern architecture. But the vibe still remains intact.

I was so tired from my travels (I actually decided to extend my stay in Berlin because I've already been traveling for a month around this time & needed a "pause") so it's good to see a welcome note + candies. I swear, all hotels should do this. Such a sweet, sweet gesture.

Are you ready for the room tour?? :)

This is what you see when you enter the room. 


There's a bar area, living room with tv. Probably the biggest place I had. I immediately thought about my parents when I saw the room (my folks would've loved this serviced apartment -- it's so spacious and homey). 

This is the view from the sofa. 


When you enter the room, to your left is the toilet (it's separate from the shower area), there's a kitchen with stove, refrigerator and microwave (perfect for travelers who love to do the grocery + cook). Also, there's an open closet area for your luggage and then the shower/bathroom area.

Then this is the view from the bedroom / bathroom. 


 This is the area where I stayed the most. In Berlin, I start my day at 12nn and go home at 6pm. Just because I needed to rest and sleep more.

 I stayed in an executive suite. I'm sure some of you will ask, what's the need for a big room when traveling? Sure, I enjoyed staying in a hostel & a hotel but I enjoyed the peace & quiet I experienced here.

Sometimes we have to spoil ourselves, too. I didn't set an alarm in the morning, I didn't create a solid itinerary, I went home early and watched netflix, took a lot of naps, ate snacks in bed while browsing german television channels. In short, I really made the most out of my stay here.

 Day and night view from my room :) 

During my first night, I didn't even bother to go out and explore. I just checked out the restaurant connected to Lux 11 called PRINCE. It's a restobar. There's an entrance through the apartment lobby. How convenient, right?

There's also a concept store slash milk bar on the other side called Type Hype.

There are tons of concept / design stores around the neighborhood so I actually spent 1 afternoon just walking around Lux 11's hip area.

I wasn't able to go to the rooftop area. It was too cold so I didn't even try! Haha. But you can book it for parties because it has a stellar city view + hot tub plus sun loungers, perfect for get togethers. Ideally during the summer. Haha.

For more information about Lux Eleven, click HERE.