Where I stayed in Budapest, Hungary: Hotel Parlament

where I stayed in Budapest, Hungary: Hotel Parlament

I remember what I felt during the 2 hours & 30min train ride from Vienna to Budapest. I was exhausted from almost 1 month and 2 weeks of traveling around Europe. My journey started in London - Christmas with parents, Paris for New Year, Rome, Newcastle, Liverpool, York, Scotland, Brussels, Cologne, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Vienna then finally... Budapest. I was excited to explore but there's a part of me that wants to rest. In my head I was like "4 more destinations & I'll be going home"

 I thank God it was just 1 train ride from Vienna to Budapest and my Eurail pass (i wrote about my experience HERE and HERE)  made my life easier. When I got to the Budapest Keleti hauptbahnhof (central station), I typed in my hotel address in google maps (yes, I had a reliable pocket wifi TEPWIRELESS) and it was walking distance from the station. Google maps is your bestfriend whenever you travel! Unless you're good with using a traditional paper map :P

My tip is to research the location of the hotel before booking it. Ideal one is near any train station or accessible to the sites you want to visit. Also, if you wont have wifi during the trip, ask the hotel for directions. They usually put it in their website. Print it out so when you get lost, you can ask around.

Hotel Parlament was so easy to find. I read reviews online that they have a sauna and jacuzzi area so my tired self was extra excited to check in!

Lobby is huge and sophisticated looking, a mix of modern and renaissance design. They have areas where you can use the computer with internet and also, unlimited refreshments while they process your booking and prepare your room.


So bright and cozy! 

The welcome fruits that greeted me -- these fruits became my lunch and dinner during the whole day. Yes, I didnt go out and decided to sleep in.
"What did you do during your first day in Budapest?"

Full-length mirror by the door, a safe, a ref, and welcome chocolates! :P

The bathroom has a bathtub! J-O-Y for tired travelers :)

Tv and chill area. I think I used the lamps to hang my clothes hahaha (yes, i did my laundry as in HANDWASH everything when I was in Europe -- except the time I stayed in my uncle's flat in London)

My favorite part of the room -- the huge balcony.

I kept the door open most of the time & didnt turn on the aircon cos I wanted fresh air. I went around January so it was REALLY cold. 

My view was the quiet streets of Budapest.

Every morning I would do my quiet time here, enjoying the cool breeze while contemplating my itinerary that day. I usually don't have a fixed one so I try to list down where I want to go and locate everything before I leave. That is when I'm not lazy. Sometimes I just wing it. Haha

The whole time in Budapest, it was sunny! I've experienced pretty bad and moody weather the past few weeks because it was winter season but I was able to semi-hike and walk like crazy in Budapest.

I was already impressed with my room but the next day, when I went down for breakfast, I was ecstatic to see impressive food choices! Buffet was perfect. Not too overwhelming, just right.

Breakfast area was so colorful and had a really lively vibe -- even the food labels had cool fonts. Totally helpful for a non-breakfast person like me!

Meats and jams

dried fruits and bread

more fruits, veggies and bread!

 Love the juice and smoothie station where you can create your own!

Different types of cheese and more beverage choices!

Everythings so neat and organized!

Obviously a creature of habit so check out my plate. :)) different days, almost the same food choices LOL

Am I biased if I say this is my favorite hotel because of the spa room that's free for everyone to use? :p

So I told you guys I didn't go out during my first day, right? I spent hours inside this place.

I never saw a single soul everytime I'd go here. I guess people maximized their time to explore Budapest more than enjoy the hotel! Hahaha. All mine during my whole stay :)

The jacuzzi and sauna really helped me relax during my whole stay in Budapest. I walked like crazy because the weather was really good so I'd always go home dead tired and always excited to go to this spa room! :)

Do you guys like staying in fancy hotels or just in hostels or airbnb when traveling? Let me know your thoughts!

Thank you Hotel Parlament Budapest for taking care of me! :)