Where to stay in Taipei, Taiwan: Gloria Residence

Quick room and hotel tour: Gloria Residence Taipei, Taiwan 

I am a sucker for pretty hotels. I rarely stay at budget hotels when traveling abroad. It's just that I want a complete travel experience when going to another country. Of course some people will say "but you rarely stay in your hotel so you can't make the most out of it"... WRONG! I don't like going out at night so after dinner or a quick stop at a night market, I go back to my hotel so I can enjoy the amenities. 

So that's why I spent days searching for really nice hotels in Taipei and I did hotel hopping when I was there! First night was spent at Gloria Residence

I think one of the most important things in finding a hotel is that it's accessible to transportation. This one is in the Zhongshan district so it's near a train station plus the neighborhood is really safe. I don't like noisy neighborhood so I think that's what I noticed about Gloria Residence the first time I walked in... it's so peaceful!

Finally checked-in! The standard check-in time in all the hotels in Taipei is 3PM (checkout is 12NN). We have a dining table. I'm like WOW... my room is huge!

My dad LOVED this hotel so much. I think this is perfect if you're traveling with family or a big group. The hotel is actually like a service condominium so it's very "homey" :)

Living room area with so many channels! Here we are watching a Korean drama hehehe

The room I got (Abundance) has 2 bedrooms. I'll tour you guys in my room first!

It has television, desk, an uber comfy king bed... Ahhhh. Heaven for a sleepyhead like me. Haha.

A well-lit closet is important so you can hang and clearly see your travel outfits! :P LOL! Plus my room has a bathroom.


Plus points for having a japanese toilet (heated seat yes please!) plus a BATH TUB (a need when traveling so you can relax after a long day of walking!)

I never bring toiletries when going abroad (I totally depend on hotel stuff). They have everything I needed. Even ponytail. Haha!

This is my dad's room! He rarely stayed here because he liked staying in the living room area. But this bedroom is just simple. No tv, no bathroom. 

Just paintings. Very zen! 

But don't fret because it has a bathroom right beside it. 

Loved all the yellow lights and blackout curtains of both rooms. And most especially the beds! Duvet sheets for the win. And an abundance of pillows. Yes, yes, yes! :p

I spent like 30 minutes just watching korean drama and reading about Taipei. It's my second time in Taiwan (first time wasn't too good because there was a storm so it was crazy rainy during my whole stay). Then I started exploring my room again haha

They seriously got everything you need. Free snacks, coffee, tea!

A kitchen and a refrigerator full of FREE (yes, free) drinks! :)

If you're with your family or a big group and want to cook, Gloria Residence have pans, plates, utensils, oven etc! It's something new you can do. Go to a grocery and buy local stuff, create local dishes! Tipid pa :)

 And guess what? THEY HAVE LAUNDRY AREA! To those people who like packing light and repeat clothes whenever traveling, this is your bestfriend. No need to pay for laundry services.

After exploring my room, I went down their lounge. Most traditional hotels only have a lobby (and usually it's open to even visitors/general public) but the lounge at Gloria Residence is very cozy and private!

They have free snacks 24/7! ALL KINDS OF SNACKS I TELL YOU! :D I usually get hungry at around midnight so thank God I didn't have to go out and look for food/convenience store!

Game/computer area! Such a family / barkada-friendly lounge.

Plus television and a cute horse swing for kids! Aww cute.

They even have Taipei brochures available (And for free!). Really helpful cos it has tips/hidden gems that I added to my itinerary :)

After a long day of travel/walking, it's so nice to go back to my room and just chill. BATHTUB TIME! :P

Woke up early for breakfast! THEY HAVE A JUICING AREA. All caps because I can't believe they have a juicing area! Plus tons of cereals. I am inlove.

I noticed that their breakfast food is very healthy and it's definitely not too americanized. I was expecting pancakes (the usual) but the tables are filled with local food. Which is really good because I got to try new stuff!

After breakfast, why not a quick swim in their heated pool? Perfect exercise during winter!

You can also go to Gloria Hotel (beside Gloria Residence) to use their sauna and gym (for free also, of course!) :)

Went around the neighborhood before checkout. Lots of restaurants, minimarts. :)

Grabbed some snacks before heading out! ;) (Travel tip: always have snacks in your bag whenever you're in transit!)

Now I get why the ratings of Gloria Residence are so high! It definitely went beyond my expectations. Room, service, amenities, EVERYTHING! :) Do I recommend it? TOTALLY! Especially if you're with family / a big group.

Gloria Residence 
No. 359, Linsen N Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104
room rates start at 11,000 NTD (350 USD / 18,000 pesos)