Where to stay in Taipei, Taiwan: Home Hotel Da-an

Found a home in the middle of the busy streets of Da-an district, Taipei :)

This is the third hotel I stayed at in Taipei! Welcome to Home Hotel Da-an :)

First thing I noticed is the interior of course! Their hotel door is a huge wood sliding door. Not your typical hotel entrance because most hotels have glass doors. And don't you just love those benches/chairs? So unique!!!

When you enter, to your right, they have a restaurant that is open from 6am to 10pm. This is where guests have breakfast too.

The hotel lobby is located at the 3rd floor (if I remember correctly hehe). 

I super love the galaxy effect of the ceiling. Feels like I'm stargazing :)

So impressed with their furniture. Everything is on point! 

If I had a home, I'd probably have this kind of living room. Yes to a mix of modern and traditional pieces.

This corner made me feel like I'm in a jungle! Such a perfectly curated corner.

I swear, every corner is so artsy. I think I spent like 20 minutes just exploring the stuff in their lobby!

They also sell products that are locally made. I like how they are helping Taiwanese entrepreneurs by introducing them to a wider market (foreigners who stay in the hotel). 

Each floor has a different quote about home. I wanted to see the other quotes but sadly you can't access the other floors. Plus points to the strict security of this place!

Welcome to my "home" :P These cute mugs welcomed me! 

Ref with free drinks! 

The toilet is separate from the bath area. Which made sense because what if your companion wants to use the toilet but you're taking a bath (vice versa) :)) Smart!

Closet with extra pillows. YAY! And a wide full length mirror for my ootd mirror shots hahaha!

Twin beds for my dad and I!

The room is really spacious and well-lit :)

The room has a scented air-diffuser and a simple but high-tech controller for the lights and aircon. 


Again, another amazing design! Chair and table where I ate my Din Tai Fung takeout hehe

Long desk. You can see the bath area (but don't worry there's a curtain haha!)

Bath area that can be used as a bath tub also. SO COOL! The tiles reminds me of Morocco!!!! 

Cha Tzu Tang shower products! Was so tempted to take these home, too. Hahaha just kidding! :))

Even the packaging of their toiletries are so artsy!!! 

More more mirrors! Oh, what I noticed (Actually my dad did) is that the room has a LOOOOOT of plugs! Perfect for people who bring a lot of gadgets! :)

And my room had a balcony area with this wooden rocking chair! Stayed here in the afternoon while enjoying the city view :)

Also got to check out the other rooms! Got to see more mind-blowing furniture that I really covet.

Apparently, they get various design houses/designers to create pieces for their rooms. 

This way, Home Hotel helps local designers showcase their works through the rooms.

Then let's talk about how awesome is their breakfast buffet! 

Abundance of cereals, pastries, fruits...

Everything was so good. And I liked the wide selection of their buffet. I was so full cos I tried almost everything. Haha!

I know, Home Hotel Da-an seems so perfect already. But guess what? The hotel is also surrounded with cool cafes and shops!

Plus instagrammable walls of course. Haha!

Got to explore the area at night. 

Would've been lovely if I got to discover these places in the morning but then we had a strict itinerary. Haha.

My fave agnes b cafe!

It was super hidden and the vibe was so chill. 

My kind of cafe. Haha!

Lots of restaurants in the area, too!

Japanese, korean, thai...

And my favorite!!!!!!!!!!

One Fifteen

It's a restaurant slash store! Lots of nice clothes but kind of expensive. But please, if you're in Taipei, check it out!!

VISUAL MERCHANDISING GAME ON POINT!!!!! The clothes are to die for huhuhu

More clothing stores in the area! 

And this tea shop I wasn't able to check out because I ran out of time and had a flight to catch!

Home Hotel is walking distance to Sogo malls also. They have a nice foodcourt with cheap food :) Hainanese chicken rice + katsu! 

And most importantly, Home Hotel Da-an is near Zhongxiao Fuxing station. Can't stress the importance of a hotel that is near an MRT. 

106, No. 219-2, Fuxing South Road, Da'an District, Taipei City
room rates start at 10,800 NTD (17,000 PHP / 350 USD)