Where to stay in Taipei, Taiwan: Hotel Quote + 333 bar

Hotel and room tour: Hotel Quote Taipei

Second hotel I stayed at in Taipei (see first one HERE). Didn't know if I mentioned this to you guys but I hotel hopped in Taiwan for a week :P Each and every hotel I stayed at had a different charm. If I were to choose a hotel where I can stay at (the whole day) and not get bored, this is probably it: HOTEL QUOTE.

Hotel Quote is near 2 MRT stations (Nanjing Fuxing and Taipei Arena) and it's beside a mall (Breeze Center). Location is very important when booking hotels. Of course you'd want a place that's near everything / accessible.

The lobby won my heart. A big stuffed toy to welcome me? YES PLEASE! And artsy christmas lights. I knew it was going to be such an instagrammable hotel (haha sorry for this uber millennial comment hehe)

Hotel Quote has a chill vibe. It's all wood and dimmed lights (just like Gloria Residence --- they're under the same hotel group). I'm inlove with hotels with sleek designs. Minimalist with a touch of modernism. 

Quiet halls with minimal lights! Liked this aspect SO MUCH because my eyes are sensitive and I really don't like mega bright places haha

A huge full-length mirror just outside my room! Perfect for ootd-check :p

Got twin beds because I was with my dad. Of course, mattress check! Comfortable beds and fluffy pillows. YAY

Perhaps some of you guys noticed the glass window (you can see the bathroom!) but don't worry, they have blinds (for privacy of course)

This room was pretty straightforward. It doesn't have so much space but it has everything you need. A desk, hanger, closet, ref, beds, tv...


I swear this was my second favorite part of the hotel (you'll know my top 1 later). Call me weird but I like hanging out in the bathtub. Submerged in hot water, listening to music + reading a book after a long day of walking!

Separate area for the toilet and shower

Yes, dimmed lights again! I almost fell asleep inside the tub!

They have free snacks also! Most hotels have snacks but you have to pay for them. At Hotel Quote they are for free and they replenish the stash every morning (whenever they make up your room)! 

Full length mirror inside the room that I abused for my mirror ootd shots! haha

Now let's go to my favorite part of the hotel. THE LOUNGE!

I'm not used to this. I mean, hotels with lounges, yes. But with free food and drinks... 24/7??? First was at Gloria Residence (which I thought had a kickass lounge already!) but Hotel Quote's lounge is impressive! Let me tour ya guys

It has a mac desktop for your internet needs

FREE FLOWING CANDIES, DRINKS, AND FOOD (fruits, cookies, chips).

TELEVISION(S)! Yup, not one, not two, but three! :))

Newspaper and magazine area

More fruits and food! Yesssss. Then it's a plus because they have a wash area (very hygienic!). I guess it's to prepare you for a long pigout session! :))

I even used the lounge as my outfit shot location! Haha :p

I spent hours (at night) in this lounge. I would just eat, read magazines, watch tv...

My dad would watch in the room every night so I would go to the lounge to have my quiet time slash alone time. Such a perfect place because it was so serene!

I loved the fact that their magazines are ALL current issues. Most are travel/fashion magazines which I absolutely adore. 

I was actually able to read almost all of them! Perfect inspiration for my (future) travels :)

Okay, enough of the lounge! If you're the type of person who's into socializing, then they have the perfect spot for you: 333 restaurant and bar (it's actually the hotel restaurant--- just beside their lobby). Say hello to my dad! :)

Because standard check-in time is at 3pm, my dad and I decided to eat lunch at 333 while waiting.

We ordered a lot! Reasonable price point because they have big servings (we had to takeout half of these cos my dad and I didn't finish everything) BTW thanks to FLYTPACK wifi for my internet service the whole trip! 

We had dessert also! Tried the dutch baby pancakes with afternoon tea. I had the pancakes and my dad had tea. Haha! He was so stuffed but of course, I always have room for dessert!

333 was full of people (especially women) that afternoon. I wasn't surprised because 333 is the perfect place to catchup/bond with your friends for a quick lunch or afternoon tea.

Everytime we'd go back to our hotel at night, 333 bar was jampacked! Music was just chill so the guests (well us) didn't find it disturbing. Plus if I had friends with me during the trip, I think they'd definitely love to hang out here for a night cap.

This is where we also ate our breakfast!

Noodles, bread, chinese food

Soup, veggies, japanese food

Juicing area and cereals! THEY SERIOUSLY HAVE EVERYTHING I needed and wanted! :))

I can't think of a proper way to end this post but if you're traveling to Taipei, I highly recommend Hotel Quote. Facilities and services are stellar. I promise you, it will not disappoint!

333, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Road, Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan
room rates start at 9,500 TWD (300 USD/15,000 PHP)